The ARC is Winnipeg’s first luxury community designed for University of Manitoba and Manitoba Institute of Trades & Technology students. We also welcome recent graduates and newly working professionals that are interested in a community of co-living arrangements. The ARC offers a student-friendly community with social programming and student-focused amenities to support everything you need to be successful during the year.

Taking full advantage of the ARC’s amenity space such as the main lounge, multi-purpose room, VR Room, and games lounge, our team of on-site Community Advisors are constantly hosting social events to bring students together. Events include yoga, Thanksgiving dinner, pancake breakfasts, international potlucks, tv shows/sporting viewing parties, and much more.

05 October 2021
University Budget Plan – Financial Tips for Students in 2021

With tuition fees increasing by about 8% every year, attending university is quite costly. Tuition fee is not the only cost students have to worry about. They also have to think about books, a room at luxury student residences & board, transportation and a range of other expenses. Without proper university budgeting tips, it is […]

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10 August 2020
Things to know about studying at University of Manitoba

What You Should Know About Studying at the University of Manitoba Located in Manitoba, the University of Manitoba is one of the most sought-after universities in Canada. It was founded back in 1877 and today offers the largest selection of degree programs as well as professional and graduate programs. The best thing about this university […]

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19 April 2021
Things To Pack For Student Residence

What to bring and not to bring to Student Residence Moving into student residence can be one of the highlights of your first year. However, most students unanimously agree that packing can be very stressful. It can be challenging to understand how you can pack everything you need in your parents’ car while leaving room […]

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21 January 2021
Studying During Quarantine – Easy Hacks for Best Results

10 Tips to Stay Super Productive When Studying During Quarantine Quarantine days are far from over, and as schools reopen online, it’s time to reframe and refocus. If you’re finding it more difficult than ever to get out of bed and attend your morning classes or the schoolwork and the stay-at-home situation seems to be […]

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05 April 2021
On-campus Vs Off-campus Student’s Housing

On-campus Vs off-campus Housing ? Which is Better?  Living on campus In most institutions, only first-year students choose to live on campus. It is a more convenient and safer way than having to commute to and from the campus. It also allows them to adjust to college life as they learn more about the campus […]

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14 August 2020
Why is Manitoba a heaven for resident students

Why is Manitoba a Heaven for Resident Students Canada has a well-established position among the leading study destinations in the world. Student residence in Manitoba is popular because of the numerous opportunities students enjoy. In addition to the amazing schools, the region is surrounded by miles of breathtaking scenery and unspoiled lakes. This is without […]

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