Choosing to study abroad is a big personal and financial decision. However, it is one of the most beneficial experiences for a college student because it gives students the opportunity to study in a new nation as they behold its unique culture. If you wonder whether studying abroad is a good idea for you, you should consider why so many students choose to study abroad. Below are some of the benefits of studying abroad and the positive impact it could have on your life.

  1. Experience New Culture and Adventure

    Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to explore the world and experience unique cultures. While abroad, you will not be confined to a classroom setting. You will have the flexibility and the freedom to experience the new country where you are studying. During or after their studies abroad, many students get the opportunity to travel to other nearby areas. You will be amazed by the magnificent adventures and people you will encounter. The best way to learn another culture is by immersing yourself in it; you can only achieve this by living in another country. If you studied for your undergraduate degree in your home country, enrolling in a master’s program abroad gives you a perfect chance to get this foreign experience.

    Most students who travel to study abroad are often leaving their homes for the first time. They are usually fascinated by the new cultural perspectives in their host countries. Studying abroad allows you to experience new foods, traditions, customs, social atmospheres, and luxury student residences. You will better understand and appreciate other people’s customs and history. You will experience a whole new way of life than what you are used to.

  2. Make Friends from All Over the World

    The chances are that the university you enroll in for your international studies will have students from all over the world. You can take advantage of this to establish lasting friendships with people from different countries. This helps you build quality international professional networks. Building invaluable relations with peers from around the globe is also great for your future trips. Interacting with a diverse academic community enhances your learning and gives you a broader spectrum of expertise and opinions. You will always have peers alongside you who are experiencing similar adventures and experiences.

  3. Expand Your Language Skills

    Even if foreign language skills are not a requirement to travel abroad, studying abroad is an opportunity to learn a new language by speaking the local language or studying in a second language. Many courses in universities across the world are offered in English. Proficiency in English is beneficial since it has many applications across different careers. Making friends with the locals or getting out and about can help you master a new language fast. There is no better way to learn a foreign language than to dive right in. Studying abroad gives you the chance to immerse yourself in the new language completely. The languages you learn when studying abroad will be beneficial to you both in the short term and the long term.

  4. Different Styles of Education 

    Another great advantage of studying abroad is the chance to experience different styles of education. When you enroll in a study abroad program, you will be exposed to insights that you would not have been exposed to in your home country. Experiencing another country’s education system is a great way to understand its traditions, people, and culture. Education is the center point of every study abroad program. Therefore, choosing the right school is an essential factor.

  5. Competitive Edge 

    In the United States, only around 2% of the student population studies abroad. Therefore, studying abroad adds a unique experience to your resume to help you gain a competitive advantage in the job market after graduation. Studying abroad equips you with real-world experience that is in line with your career path. It is an indication that you possess certain traits that employers will find valuable. These traits include flexibility, independence, maturity, curiosity, open-mindedness, and the willingness to get out of your comfort zone.

  6. Career Opportunities 

    Studying abroad opens you to many career options. Learning a foreign language is a highly regarded skill that will open you to work opportunities in other countries. As an international student, you may decide to apply for a work visa after finishing your course to help you search for work in your host country. The unique skills you acquire while studying abroad will also be attractive to prospective employers. Your global outlook, willingness to step out of your comfort zone and independence will set you apart from other applicants.

    The knowledge you acquire while studying abroad is easily applicable in situations that call for international interaction. Therefore, in today’s era of globalization, you can expect to be more competitive. Many employers are interested in applicants with international experience acquired while studying or working abroad. You will be at a significant advantage in impressing future employers if you can put on your CV that you studied abroad. You will prove to potential employers that you are resourceful and can blend in well in different environments.

  7. Opportunity to Learn from Renowned Experts

    You will have an opportunity to study in a global hub as you interact with experts in your field. In addition, you will have the chance to interact with renowned scholars and guest speakers, helping you gain invaluable work experience. For example, a finance graduate could be attracted to global hubs like London, New York, and Hong Kong. If you have an interest in politics, you can go to universities in political centers like Brussels and Washington DC.

    Some countries are top-rated in certain strands of education and fields of research and development. For example, Canada is renowned for co-op programs, the US is associated with top business and management programs, Germany is famous for advances in engineering, and Australia is associated with arts and design.

  8. Gain a Broader Perspective in Life

    Spending time outside your comfort zone helps you learn about yourself and your capabilities. You will gain confidence, grow personally and professionally. Studying abroad enables you to learn new interests and discover new passions. Studying abroad can even help you redefine your future goals and choose a new life path.

  9. Gain Independence

    For many students, university studies help them gain independence. Studying abroad takes this experience to a new level, challenging students to develop as individuals. You have to cope on your own, away from your family and friends. You have to sort your own affairs and look after yourself.

  10. Graduate School Admissions

    Graduate school admissions boards highly regard abroad study experiences just like future employers. People who study abroad prove that they aren’t afraid to face new challenges and put themselves in difficult situations. Many graduate schools seek students who will bring a unique aspect to their community.

  11. What Will You Gain by Studying Abroad?

    Studying in a different country means that you will gather fresh ideas and build international connections. Eventually, you will find a job and career, transforming your chance to study abroad into a lifetime opportunity. You will have an opportunity to travel the world without commitments other than your studies. It’s an experience like no other. To learn more about the benefits of studying abroad and accommodation options for international students, we invite you to contact the ARC.